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Top ways to prepare for your medical coding exam

To get the right advice that will help you prepare and pass your exam you must make use of all resources available out there. One of the best ways to do this is to get in touch with people who have already passed the exam. These people will reliably deliver the best advice based on their experience having gone through the process, and you can usually find them on forums and related medical coding websites. Continue reading

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CPC Practice Exams: Do people pass the CPC exam on the first try?

If you’re in medical coding getting ready to get certified, you might at some point ask yourself this question; do people pass their medical coding certification exam on their first try? And how do they do it? Although official figures are hard to come by, rough estimates suggests that only 40% to 50% of exam-takers pass on their first attempt. Continue reading

CPC Driver Training Blog: Transport manager … – CPC Test Review

Pathology Coding: Do Not Miss Pay For Second Flu Testing « Swine …

Pathology Coding: Do Not Miss Pay For Second Flu Testing

So which code for influenza A or B? If your lab test aids you in answering the A/B question, you might be able to report two units of the test code. Watch out: Missing the second test could cost your lab up to $ 27 in lost revenue.

Here are some tips that can help you get your flu coding on course to get all the pay you deserve:

Code 87400 for ‘Each’

If your lab carries out a test that looks for influenza A or B antigens using enzyme immunoassay (EIA) technique, you should report 87400. The specimen source for this test may include blood, nasopharyngeal wash, throat swab, or sputum for that matter.

Irrespective of whether positive or negative, if the EIA antigen test involves results for A and for B, you should list 87400 x 2.

Word of caution: If the EIA provides a qualitative determination for influenza A and B however does not differentiate between the two strains, you should not code 87400. For example, ZymeTx Zstatflu gives a positive reading in the presence of A or B antigens, with no distinction.

Try this: In its place, you should report the test using unspecified code 87449.

87804 Warrants two

For an influenza test that uses an immunoassay leading to an observable result, say for instance a color change, you should report 87804. For a test that doesn’t identify the influenza strain — one that involves a single positive or negative result for influenza — report one unit of 87804.

Opportunity: The 87804 definition does not specify ‘each’ for influenza A and B; however you may be able to bill for both.

If you use a test differentiates between influenza A and B and you document both results, you should code 87804 twice.

You may figure out differences in how payers want you to report multiple units of 87804. Take a look at how to decide which method to use:

Best practice: If the payer allows it, report two units of 87804. Many MACs allow you to report 87804 x 2, since the MUEs limits you to two units of 87804.

For payers that deny the second 87804 charge as a duplicate, add modifier 59 on the second 87804 entry. According to the May 2009 CPT Assistant, you should use modifier 59 when separate results are reported for different species or strains that are described by the same CPT code.

Fallback technique: In some rare instances, such as certain state Medicaid providers, your payer may tell you to use modifier 91 on the second listing of 87804.

Report 87254 per virus strain

Labs may carry out a rapid culture and direct antigen test to distinguish type A and B influenza. Often doctors order this test since it provides a quick response and high sensitivity.

The right code for this test method is 87254. A negative test result indicates no influenza infection, whereas a positive result indicates the presence of influenza A or B, as specified. Since the test is for influenza A and B, you should report two units of 87254 for the test.

86710 depends on antibody

Doctors may order influenza antibody test(s) on a blood sample to help figure out influenza A or B infection. The presence of IgG antibody shows prior exposure to the virus, while IgM antibody presence shows present acute infection. The method may be enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or other methods. The key is that this is an antibody test, and not an antigen test. Code this service as 86710 (Antibody; influenza virus).

Capture two or four: Just like the other test codes, if the lab tests for influenza A and B, you can list the code twice (86710 x 2). However that is not all for the antibody test. Since the lab may test for IgG and IgM, you can use a separate code for each of those antibodies. If you test for each antibody for each influenza strain, you will have four units of 86710.

For more specialty-specific articles to assist your pathology coding, sign up for a good medical coding resource like Coding Institute.

The Coding Institute is dedicated to offering quality products and services to help healthcare organizations succeed. We are primarily focused on providing specialty-specific content, codesets, continuing education opportunities, consulting services, and a supportive community of healthcare professionals and experts.

Yep, Miss Piggy has been confirmed as the first celebrity victim of the Swine Flu pandemic. However, she *may* be faking it…

How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

Medical Billing

Medical Coders Are On Demand

Medical billing job is a field that is gaining popularity in a rapid phase nowadays. There are numerous opportunities when it comes to a professional medical coder or biller. The salary is also good and it only depends on a few things like your job location and previous experience in the sector.

When it comes to acquire a job in the medical billing segment, it is enough if you can convince that you are capable of doing this job, though of course, a basic idea of the course is mandatory. You can convince the employer by explaining your previous experiences in accounting field and the things you learnt out of it.

Nevertheless, if you look into other courses in the field of medicine, you would need to complete a professional course that would take around two to four years. Yet, when it comes to billing in medical field, the only requirement is to pass a national exam. The number of days of classroom training and the institution that you choose to study does not matter at all. It is enough that you study and pass the exam and become certified as a medical coder or biller.

However, if you are not able to prepare on your own or if you think that you need some guidance, you can choose training programs offered by institutions with medical billing courses. Alternatively, it would be a better option to choose a course online, so that you can quickly complete the basic course and then start looking for jobs at the earliest.

When you choose an institution, you will have to attend trimesters and semesters, and some of them might charge more than necessary fee. But when it comes to opting for an online course, you can save a lot of time along with a considerable amount of money.


Professional Medical Biller

Whatever be the type of class that you choose, see to that it has all those things required to train you as a professional medical coder. Jot down a list of schools, compare, and decide on a school. Make sure that the institutions do not over-charge you for the course.

You can save some money on the course with the financial aid that is provided by the Federal government. So it is advised to check if you are eligible for the financial aid as well.

Excerpt from: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last?

View original: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

View original: How Long Does The Medical Billing Training Last? | Medical Coding …

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) – MCTS … – CPC Study Guide

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level certification and it is recommended to those people who want to start their career in the field of IT. This certification validates that the candidates have a basic understanding of the IT fundamentals, and that they can pursue their career in IT infrastructure, Database Design or Software Development. This exam can be requested by schools and institutes for their students and it can also be taken by independent individuals: those who are not affiliated with any school/institute.

Microsoft Technology Associate Tracks: Candidates can choose one track from the three tracks available for this exam: IT infrastructure, Database Design and Software Development. Each of these tracks has certain papers and candidates can earn their MTA certification by taking any one of those papers.

MTA IT Infrastructure Track: The available options for this track are:

  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals

If the candidates want to pursue their careers in desktop or server infrastructure, they can take any one of these exams; they will successfully earn their MTA certification.

Database Design Track: Those candidates, who want to have a career in database designing, database management and business intelligence, are suggested to take this track. This track has only one option: Database Fundamentals. Candidates will have to clear Database Fundamentals exam if they want to get a certification.

MTA Developer Track: The candidates who want a career in software development are suggested to take this track. The available options for this track are:

  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Windows Development Fundamentals
  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • .NET Fundamentals
  • Mobile Development Fundamentals
  • Gaming Development Fundamentals
  • HTML5 App Development Fundamentals

Software Testing Fundamentals
How do you register for MTA: If you are a student and you want to take MTA exam, ask your teacher if the school is affiliated with Certiport. If it is not, then your teacher will have to register with Certiport first and then you will be able to take the exam. However, if you are an independent candidate: you are not affiliated with any school, then you can take this exam by registering at Prometric website.

How to integrate Microsoft Technology Associate review kits into the curriculum: MTA review kit has 20 lessons and the lessons are designed and listed in a module format. School teachers can choose the lessons according to their study plan and incorporate them into their own curriculum.

Benefits of Passing Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification Exam:

One advantage of MTA exam is that this certification does not expire: meaning that, unlike other certifications, you do not have to retake this exam. If you get an MTA certification, you will have the title of ‘certified’ for all your life.

Although MTA is not a pre-requisite of any certification but it will help you a great deal if you plan on taking the exams of MCSA or MCSD. After taking this exam, candidates get the access to members-only benefits. For instance, they are given special offers and transcript tools. Signing up for MTA means that your school has to pay less costs yet it gets easy implementation across the campus.

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at certkingdom.com


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Mildred Elley Online Career Programs Are Now VA Approved …

military-career-trainingmilitary-career-trainingMildred Elley Online Courses Now Offer Several Benefits for US Veterans


Mildred Elley has recently been approved to offer VA Education Programs, such as MyCAA and ACCES-VR for its online division programs.  Mildred Elley’s online division offers programs in transcription, medical billing and coding, and hospital-based coding. An online education allows you to train from home at your own pace, and most programs can be completed in less than a year.

“At Mildred Elley, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve an education, and this is particularly important for our war veterans who are facing a tough job market as they retire from the military or finish their deployment,” says, Faith Takes, President of Mildred Elley School. “I am so pleased that our online division can now offer educational benefits that can improve the quality of life for military members, veterans, and their families.”

Mildred Elley’s online programs also offer flexibility that often allow you to train at your own pace. This means that you decide when to study, for how long and where. Even those who could attend college courses geared to working adults may find it difficult to attend in-person classes in the evenings. So attending courses at an online career college, like Mildred Elley makes sense for individuals with a busy lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about how Mildred Elley’s online college programs in medical transcription, physician based billing and coding, non-medical transcription, hospital based coding, and more, contact one of our admissions representatives today at (888) 817-1224.

In addition to Mildred Elley’s online division, all of Mildred Elley’s career programs are approved for VA Education Benefits! To learn more or find a campus near you go to http://bit.ly/1quNhV4.


Empire Education Corporation owns and operates Mildred Elley-Albany, NY, Mildred Elley-New York, NY, Mildred Elley-Pittsfield, MA, and Austin’s School of Spa Technology-Albany, NY. Mildred Elley has been educating the Capital District for over 90 years, Pittsfield, MA for over 20 years and New York City for over three years. Initially, Mildred Elley was an all-female school, but is now coeducational and teaching women and men the most highly desired career fields in business and technology, digital media arts, health and wellness and early childhood education. Austin’s School of Spa Technology (formerly, Austin Beauty School) has been educating beauty professionals in the Capital District for over 80 years. Its programs include cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, nail technology and make up artistry. For program details and disclosures visit www.mildred-elley.edu/disclosures.

Short URL: http://www.veteranstoday.com/?p=310208

Medical Billing Jobs Az – Schools For Medical Coding | What Is On …

Medical Billing Jobs Az – Everything you need to know about Schools For Medical Coding, Medical Coding Careers, Medical Billing, Degrees, Training and. … HOME HEALTH CERTIFIED MEDICAL CODING/BILLING SPECIALIST Page 3 Education, Experience and Training: The knowledge, skills, and abilities listed above. Workforce Connections and can be found on AZ Heat. medical office opportunities, changing jobs to become medical office level position doing …

View original: Medical Billing Jobs Az – Schools For Medical Coding

How Do I Become a Medical Coding Specialist? Learn How | Your …

If you are considering a career as a medical coder then you have probably asked the question,”how do i become a medical coding specialist?”  Like many others you are seeking information so that you are aware of what is required while knowing all your options.

Training Class for Medical Coding Specialists

Becoming a medical coding specialist means that you are willing to take your skills and tasks very seriously and want to make sure that the job gets taken care of.  The people in these role are very important to the health care sector and are needed to make sure it continues to run efficiently.

As a coding specialist you will have to use alphanumeric diagnostic and producer codes that will rely very important information about treatment and illness for patients.  The reason your job is so vitally important is that the codes help to translated medical terminology into generalized codes that can then be transmitted and read.  Once these codes are received Health care providers can pay for services as well as allowing for the ability of patient diagnoses to be properly understood.

Things You Need To Know as a Coding Specialist

As a specialist in the medical coding industry you will have to have a vast knowledge and understanding of medications, diseases,and medical terminology.  Why the need for so much information?  Well as a coding specialist you will be the one who will enter in each of there diagnostic or procedural code for each patient record.

By recording and updating these codes you as a specialist help to keep all information and records accurate and up to date.  Specialist must choose the most accurate code while also reviewing a patients test results and medical history.

Medical coding specialists help with the flow of information and are the people who help doctors and medical care facilities keep things in order.  With the knowledge you gain from different accredited programs you will be an expert.  With your expertise the codes are correct, health care is systemized, bills are sent and paid, and the industry keeps moving along.

Education and Requirements

So here is what you really want to know right?  Exactly what do you need to become a medical coding specialist.  Well like many jobs in the healthcare industry there are not formal education requirements you need that will stop you from actually entering this career field.  However if you want to succeed in this sector you will need to have a very extensive grasp of medical terminology, anatomy, biology, and physiology.  In other words science, science, and more science.

Though you can get into the field without any formal education most companies out there will expect you to at least have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent and want you to have maybe a year of education beyond high school.  You do have the options of going to either a four year school, community college or continuing education program if you are interested in getting your certificate for medical coding.

After completing the certificate program or training you will still need to pass your certified medical coding specialist exam.  You can take the exam through either the American Academy of Professional Coders or the American Health Information Management Association.

Besides just the education you will need to make sure that you are very strong when it comes to analytical skills.  Being a person who is very analytical will surely help you on your way to being the best coding specialist you can be.

Coding rules are not only ambiguous but also complex and will require you always be paying attention to a lot of details to make sure that you are entering in the information needed as accurately and precisely as possible to avoid any kinds of mistakes.  Working independently and making decisions on your own are needed skills as well.

Of course one must have proper computer skills.  As a coder you will be working on a computer all day and there is a growing number in the use of electronic health records and health informatics software (HIS).

Advancement for Medical Coding Specialists

One of the things to focus on if you want to advance in your career as a medical coder is to make sure that you get a bachelor’s degree or some other sort of advanced degree in healthcare admin or health information management.  Doing so greatly increases your chances to become a supervisor and in some companies a director.  Yes coding specialist can go on to become directors of insurance companies, health systems and hospitals.

If you think that becoming a medical coding specialist is still for you be sure to get the proper information you need from accredited schools.  There have been a lot of schools and/or companies that have come up as frauds.  Avoid those educational scams and only use a list of approved programs.   Fill out your information below and have a accredited school contact or send you information on their training.